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Robert King HELLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'll vote for my dog before I vote for Hillary.

Взял верхние свежие комментарии оттуда же.


Теперь Хиллари недовольны и феминистки и геи. Ну и как обычно, ее предлагают судить, а не избирать в президенты.
Как она с таким счастьем еще на свободе, и даже хочет рентовать жилье на Пенсильвания Авеню 1600?

Для тех, кто не понял, переведу. Если будет интэрэс.

Sarah FutrellAs a woman and a feminist, I just can not afford a Hillary Clinton presidency. An ineffective female president, who is mired in scandal, dishonest and war mongering is far worse for the plight of women seeking positions of leadership than no female pr...See More
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Raymond DengateThe only way I am with her would be if I could put handcuffs on her and be with her as she gets charged for treason!!!! You make me sick!!!!!
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Thomas A. HertingI'm shocked at you Quinn Bailes, Berkeley V Vincent, and Chad Edwards. Not so long ago, Hillary Clinton didn't even believe that homosexual people even deserved to be married. Think about what that means. She didn't even consider you all as deserving the right to a civil union. She has only flip flopped to gain your votes. Who's to say she won't flip flop right back after she is elected?
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{C}{C}Chuck Robinson{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}She is a criminal to our country, citizens and servicemen/women. She should be on trial and on her way to prison, NOT running for POTUS. Disgraceful.

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