dandorfman (dandorfman) wrote,

Memorial Day. "She was killed instantly." (UPDATE)


American Jewish Woman Dies in Line of Duty in Afghanistan.
The first female U.S. Air Force Academy graduate to die in the U.S. counter-terror campiagns in Iraq and Afghanistan, a Jew, fell in the line of duty last week in an insurgency attack in Afghanistan. Air Force 1st Lieutenant Roslyn Schulte was traveling from Kabul to Bagram Airfield when her convoy passed a roadside bomb. She was killed instantly.
Schulte, 25, was based at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii before she was sent in February to Afghanistan. She served in military intelligence and was involved in teaching Afghan army officials how to gather and interpret information from the field.

Мой первоначальный вариант записи о Дне Памяти вышел слишком грустным, решил добавить два видео о концерте.

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