dandorfman (dandorfman) wrote,

Дмитрию Викторычу, с уважением:


If tomorrow brings war,
If the foe should attack,
If he suddenly strikes to surprise us;
In defense of our land,
Our free Soviet land,
The whole people as one man will rise up.

On the land, in the skies, on the ocean;
Peals our song with a stern ringing might,
If tomorrow brings war,
Then tomorrow we march,
So today let’s be ready to fight!

If tomorrow brings war,
The whole land from Kronstadt
Out to Vladovostock will be ready.
At the summons to fight,
All the people will rise
And shall ruthlessly rout the invader.

Planes in squadrons will soar,
Our machine guns will fire,
Mighty tanks will go rumbling and rattle.
Fleets of warships will be sped,
And our infantry march into battle.

We’ve a hatred for war,
But our land we defend,
So we strengthen defensive resources.
Little blood will be shed,
When on enemy soil,
To the last we destroy hostile forces.

Rise ye People, arise,
And assemble to march!
Beat the drums in a martial commotion!
Go Musicians, ahead!
Chorus Leaders ahead!
Sing our song with triumphant emotion!

The oppressed of the world
Find our Socialist Land
A great fortress, of strength in affliction.
Comrade Stalin’s with us,
And with iron, clenched hand
Voroshilov shall lead us to vict’ry.


Мой вольный перевод одного из куплетов:

Если завтра война, если завтра в поход,
Если влезут коварные янки.
Вспомнив Сталина весь наш могучий народ
В бой отправит товарищ Ольшанский.

На земле в небесах и на море,
Наш ответ, будет скор и суров.
Если завтра война, если завтра в поход,
Митя первым к походу готов.
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