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Комментарии к петиции

Я не выбросил ни одного комментария. Просто скопировал первые, которые появились на экране. Но где же те, кто подписал петицию? Где их комментарии?

Donald Trump committed SO MANY crimes while in office...he needs to face the consequences! But Republicans refused to stand up to him. Thankfully under the 14th Amendment, Democrats in Congress can stop Trump from running again. So we’re putting together a massive Digital Petition to demand Congress ban Trump from running ever again. But we need 100,00 signatures from concerned citizens, like YOU, so they can’t ignore us. If we let Trump walk away without punishment he could win in 2024 and we’ll be right back where we started [NO!!!].
If you think that Trump should be banned from running again sign our petition to demand the Senate convict him ASA

Jan Dowling
What about those democrats in Congress? Perhaps we should strip every person in office, their titles!
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Kelly Rouse
I will be voting for him to clean up the screwed up mess Biden and his henchmen are creating.
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Josh Luckabaugh
I'll wait to see what crimes he committed.
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Robert Foster
He will win in 2024 if he runs and we can prevent any election tom foolery!
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Ruth Field Buller
No way need him to get us out of the mess Biden will get us into
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Dan Kyle
You are a little late here, The Senate already voted and he was acquitted. So now YOU are promoting something that is Unconstitutional.
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Larry Morgan
Charge the whole democratic party with teason
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Scott Thomas
His only crime is putting Americans first and that really hurts all the Democrats feelings!
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Mick Rollins
We need him to run to clean up the disaster Biden is in the process of creating
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Bobbie Farlow
Why am I seeing this, I am a Trump supporter and would vote for him again if he runs.....oh I forgot, it's just FB,trying to cram their crap down my throat. Wasting my time and their's
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Bradley Appleby
What crimes what about the crimes of everyone in the house and senate now them one's I'd love to see
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Charlie Castro
FU! This man accomplished way more than any other president in history!
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Beth Wilson
No way! I will vote for him
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Tim Cornish
Will be voting for him if he runs again democrats only think of themselves period
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William Childress
Trump did good for this country unlike joe Biden who is killing this country on a daily basis
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Ray Erspamer
Screw off.....we need him back. Biden is taking us down the road to destruction.
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Curtis Loss
Felons can't run for president. Give the Southern district of the State of New York time to finish their investigation.
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Willy Wical
he was working for america....unlike biden he is for chaos terrorism and most importantly hes not for god
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Glenda Wallace
No we need him back get biden out
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Susan Elliott
😡😡😡😡😡 Look what demmies have done as a career. They should be in jail
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Thomas Greschner
Ban 90 percent of Congress from ever running again, while we are at it, ban 50% of the goobernors (and the afore mentioned congressional "representatives") from ever living outside a cellblock again.

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