dandorfman (dandorfman) wrote,

Полицейские отстояли памятник генералу Роберту Ли в Ричмонде

Вот пара комментариев под этим видео на YouTube

Martin Klaus
3 days ago

Those weren’t peaceful protesters. They were vandals, trying to pull down a statue. Play stupid games, when stupid prizes.

Billy Jack
3 weeks ago

Levi Miller, was a black

Levi Miller, was a black man who became a Confederate hero. He was one of thousands who went to war with their masters to fight the union. He was voted by his regiment to be a full-fledge soldier after nursing his master back from a near fatal wound. He also exhibited bravery in battles in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. During the fighting at Spotsylvania Courthouse, his former commander, Capt. J.E. Anderson, said of him, “Levi Miller stood by my side and no man fought harder and better than he did when the enemy tried to cross our little breastworks and we clubbed and bayoneted them off, no one used his bayonet with more skill and effect than Levi Miller. During several battles, Levi met several other blacks that he knew either by friendship or as a relative. They attempted to get him to desert to the North, but would not.
Upon his death, it is ironic that his coffin was draped with the Stars and Bars at a hero’s funeral service. He was laid to rest in a black cemetery. This is perhaps the biggest irony of all since the cemetery is near the spot where R.E.Lee is buried.

In a letter dated 27 March 1865, Lt. Col. Charles Marshall wrote a letter to Lt. Gen. Ewell stating that Gen. Lee regretted the “unwillingness of owners to permit their slaves to enter the service”, and “His only objection to calling them colored troops was that the enemy had selected that designation for theirs”. Also, “Harshness and contemptuous or offensive language or conduct to them must be forbidden and they should forget as soon as possible that they were regarded as menials”.

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