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Зря надеялись на него.

Вот эта сука!

WASHINGTON – The US Supreme Court Thursday handed President Obama a major victory by upholding the sweeping 2010 healthcare law, declaring that Obama and Congress acted within their powers in requiring most Americans to obtain health insurance.

The ruling reaffirms the most ambitious and controversial undertaking of Obama’s first term: attempting to guarantee that most of the 45 million Americans without insurance will get better access to medical care. Demonstrators supporting the healthcare law exploded in cheers outside the Supreme Court as news of the ruling emerged.

The justices ruled 5-to-4 that Congress acted within its authority to impose an ``individual mandate’’ by using its taxing powers to fashion the enforcement side of the requirement. Under the law, individuals who fail to obtain insurance will be required to pay a tax penalty. The requirement begins in 2014.

Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., an appointee of former President George W. Bush who often has sided with the conservatives on the court in close cases, sided with the more liberal wing this time and proved to be the decisive vote.

Если кратко, Верховный Суд решил, что Обамакер не противоречит Конституции.
И судья Джон Робертс, тот которого назначил Джорж Буш, проголосовал ЗА Обамакер.
Мы надеясь, что он проголосует против и эта мерзость будет остановлена Верховным Судом.
Зря надеялись, Робертс оказался левой сволочью


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