dandorfman (dandorfman) wrote,

Она бродила по пустыне все-таки чуть меньше сорока лет

Наконец, она дошла. (или до неё дошло)
(если кому непонятно, но интересно, тогда переведу)

I'm a former Soviet refugee, US citizen for 25 years, I'm Jewish, I'm a woman, I have two advanced degrees, MBA and PhD, I am a university faculty, a president and CEO of a career college, and I am a small business owner. I'm a mother and a wife of 25 years to a wonderful man of Moslem roots from Iran. In other words, I could be an IDENTITY POSTER CHILD for Democrats. And I was, all the way through the 2016 Presidential election reluctantly casting my vote for Hillary... but! the morning after, just when I routinely tuned in to CNN and felt noxious from the poisonous liberal spew, I turned! The current events of the last few weeks and days have made me particularly sick. The barely camouflaged antisimitic and anti-Israel stances are now a popular liberal leitmotif reaching its absolute height with the NYT, a liberal flagship, publishing the disgusting cartoon on the heel of Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Remembrance Day. So, that does it for me. I can't recognize the liberal mission anymore, I do not recognize my used to be favorite CNN and MSNBC news anchors. I'm finding myself warming up to Fox... which, I guess, is the final symptom in my #WalkAway conversion:)

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Tags: #walkaway
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