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(Кроме того, что вы уже знаете из моей вчерашней записи здесь ещё написано, что NETFLIX даст субтитры к сериалу на 25 языках кроме русского и китайского.)


'Better Than People' to Become First Russian Series Under "Netflix Originals" Banner

Courtesy of Yellow, Black and White

'Better Than People' will be available on Netflix worldwide, except for Russia and China.

Luchshe, chem lyudi (Better Than People) will become the first Russian TV series released worldwide under the "Netflix Originals" banner.

The 16-episode series will be available on Netflix worldwide, except for Russia and China, and translated into 25 languages.

"The "Netflix Original" banner means large-scale promo activities, thanks to which, we believe, the Russian content will be watched by millions of viewers worldwide," Eduard Iloyan, general producer of Yellow, Black and White (the series' production company) and the founder of online video service Start, was quoted as saying by Russian business daily Kommersant.

The sci-fi series, which is set in the near future and is focused on android robots, was commissioned by Russia's largest free-to-air national network, Channel One, and Start. It premiered on Start and Chanel One's online video service last November but has not yet been aired on free-to-air TV in Russia.

The value of the deal has not been disclosed, but Russian media put it at $1 million, making it the highest international sale of Russian television content to date.

Over the last couple of years, Russian TV content producers have been more actively focused on international sales.

"While previously, international distribution was just a status thing for Russian producers, now it's been turning into a real business," Iloyan said.


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