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‘Disgusted’ Officials File Complaint Against Man in Anti-Immigrant Rant

Elected officials filed a complaint against Aaron Schlossberg, a Manhattan lawyer who they said spewed a racist rant at Spanish-speaking workers.Creditvia Facebook

Representative Adriano Espaillat, a New York Democrat who was born in the Dominican Republic, said on Thursday that he had filed a grievance with the court system against a man, believed to be a lawyer, who spewed a racist rant at Spanish-speaking workers in a Manhattan lunch spot.

The grievance named the man as Aaron Schlossberg, a lawyer in Midtown Manhattan, said Candace Person, a spokeswoman for Mr. Espaillat. Ms. Person said the name is based on social media and “credible reports.” Mr. Schlossberg, 42, did not return a phone call left at his office, she said.

Ruben Diaz Jr., the Democratic Bronx borough president, joined Mr. Espaillat’s complaint.

The court system’s attorney grievance committee investigates complaints to determine what action, if any, should be taken. Possible penalties include sanction and censure, a suspended law license and removal from the state bar, according to a spokesman for the New York State Unified Court System, Lucian Chalfen.

“We are sending this grievance to say that you cannot engage in xenophobia, bigotry, hate and get away with it. Such behavior should never be tolerated,” Mr. Espaillat said on Thursday.


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