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2nd South Carolina String Band на 150-м юбилее Битвы при Геттисборге

Зрители одеты в форму конфедератов и поют вместе с музыкантами Southern Soldier и DIXIE

This video was filmed July 6th, 2013, at the Saturday Night Ball during the commemorative reenactment celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, sponsored and hosted by the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee. More than 12,000 reenactors and over 25,000 spectators attended the events spread over four days. In the words of one of those attending: "The ball Saturday evening, hosted by the 2nd South Carolina String Band was the most high-energy and exciting ball I have yet attended. I arrived at the end, and was told to stay around afterwards for some "ruckus." The 2nd South Carolina broke out into, arguably, the most catchy song ever: "Southern Soldier." After every verse, the Rebel Yell screamed louder and louder, to a volume I have never heard even on a battlefield up to that point; it truly made the hair stand straight and the shine shiver. It was simply impossible to prevent oneself from joining in, whether Yankee or Rebel. And for the finale, the 2nd SC led the audience in "Dixie." I have never heard the song played and sung by so many people with so much energy. I've always loved both songs, but for the rest of my life, "Southern Soldier" and "Dixie" will continue to give me goosebumps as never before in remembrance of that dance. FrazierC 1st Sgt. 'The 150th Anniversary GAC Gettysburg Reenactment' www.civilwartalk.com This work was created by the 2nd South Carolina String Band in grateful appreciation to all of our friends and fans who have been so kind and supportive over more than 25 years, and as a tribute to all who fought for their cause 150 years ago.

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