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Вчера вечером в Пенсильвании был убит полицейский. Убийцу пока не нашли

Убитого звали Брайан Шоу. Т.к. убитый полицейский, - белый его жизнь была не matter. Как известно matter только black lives. (BLM)

Officer Brian Shaw, a patrolman, was struck in the chest. He was given CPR at the scene, but died from his injuries.
officer brian shaw new kensington Reward Of $40,000 Offered For Info On Fallen Officer

New Kensington Police Officer Brian Shaw (Source: Allegheny County)

Now, Chief Klein is asking for the public’s help finding the gunman.

At a press briefing in the early morning hours of Saturday, a tearful Chief Klein said:

“Tonight, our department was involved in an incident where our officer attempted to make a traffic stop. The traffic stop lead to a foot pursuit. At some point during the foot pursuit, shots were fired. My officer was hit and he succumbed to his injuries. The officer is Officer Brian Shaw, patrolman. He’s been with the New Kensington Police Department for less than a year. I’m asking anybody, anybody with any information, as [small] as they think it might be, please, please give us a call. We need to find the person that did this.”


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