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Её арестовали, но потом выпустили под залог, который мгновенно собрали ее прогрессивные товарищи

Зовут эту красавицу - Такия Томпсон. На экране она сама, и когда залезла на памятник, а потом, когда выступает с революционными призывами рушить все памятники конфедератам.

As the crowd shouted "We are the revolution," a college student named Takiyah Thompson climbed up a ladder, looped a rope around the top of the Confederate Soldiers Monument in front of the old Durham County Courthouse and then pulled the statue to the ground. She was arrested the following day on two charges of felony inciting a riot and three misdemeanor charges, including defacing a statue. Thompson was released last night on a $10,000 unsecured bond. We speak with Thompson about her actions before her scheduled court hearing this morning.

Видео сделано сторонниками Такии Томпсон.

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