dandorfman (dandorfman) wrote,

Поздравляю френда

Мой московский френд professsorquail Иван Денисов приглашен публиковаться на английском языке в Америке. Это сайт одной из правых американских партий, которая поддерживает республиканцев.

BREAKING NEWS: There is evidence that shows that The Champion's Party and Russia have been involved in collusion. Well, just one Russian. Meet Ivan Denisov - A ...Pro-American, Pro-Israel, Anti-Putin, Anti-Communist Conservative Russian from Moscow - who has announced he will be joining our third party and helping to spread our conservative message all across his motherland of Russia and across the globe internationally. We welcome Mr. Denisov to the team.

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Well, you must be asking yourself: "What's a Russian doing here?" Surely, I could answer that in many ways, but let's try this one: "Read the whole piece and yo...
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