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Для моих американских френдов, поэтому не перевожу, это наши внутренние разборки

Oleg Shinkazh
13 hrs
Mikhail PesokRoger Waters has been a repulsive anti-Semite, alas. His amateurish involvement in politics has lead to propaganda during the show. On top of that, he is no longer capable of singing (no voice). A fallen idol for me, but I cherish the records.
Oleg ShinkazhI have heard about anti Israel stuff but anti-Semitism - are you sure? It seems to me he is anti Israel which is not exactly the same thing. He did endorse Sanders for president which is hardly consistent with anti-Semitism... http://www.msn.com/.../roger-waters-endorses.../vi-AAehSR5
Roger Waters reveals the one U.S. presidential candidate he has faith in.
8 hrs

Mikhail Pesok
It's not exactly the same thing to the extent you can bash and hate England, yet like the English. Have you seen people despising Netherlands, but loving the Dutch? Sanders is ultra left, so is Noam Chomsky and many notable Jews in the U.S. You are probably aware of the terrifying phenomenon - self-hating Jews. Some of them hide behind the term "anti-Zionism" which is effectively a form of latent antisemitism. It's quite wide-spread among neoliberals these days. Waters has long jumped this bandwagon filled with hatred towards Israel, because it's a trend among rock musicians (and academia, obviously). They are all brainwashed by each other, Amnesty International, UN, etc.
{C}Oleg Shinkazh{C}{C} {C}hm.. to me anti-Semitism is about blood and not about politics. an anti-Semite would never endorse a Jew for the most powerful job in the world because he believes all Jews to be less than human. I guess you're arguing there are "gradations" in anti-Semitism. I am not buying it in this case although his positions on Israel are quite extreme.
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Mikhail Pesok
Antisemitism manifests itself in a variety of ways - social, economic, religious and political. Today antisemitism is fueled by different groups for different reasons. Waters belongs to the group of liberals that are proud of showing the Stars of David falling along with swastikas and bombs during his show. This propaganda is more hurtful and damaging to the Jews in Israel and around the world than common slurs directed at the ethnicity. I think you know what I mean.


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