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Доклад Гриши на вчерашнем заседании о семье Трампа, начиная с ХIX столетия.

Это неполная черновая версия на английском языке. Гриша именно на английском его подготовил.

Я завтра переведу все существенное на русский и дополню доклад, расширив его сведениями о семье зятя Дональда Трампа Джерада Кушнера. Сведения эти для меня - ошеломительные.

Фридрих Трамп:

Born March 14, 1869 Kallstadt​, ​Palatinate​, ​Kingdom of Bavaria
Died May 27, 1918 (aged 49) Woodhaven, Queens​, ​New York

Nationality - German American
Occupation - Barber, operator of restaurants and hotels Spouse(s) Elizabeth Christ​ (1902–1918; his death) Children Elizabeth, ​Fred​, and ​John

In 1885, at age 16, ​Friedrich​ Trump emigrated via ​Bremen, Germany​, Only a few hours after arriving, he met a German-speaking barber who was looking for an employee and began working the following day. He worked as a barber for six years.

In 1891, Trump moved to ​Seattle, Washington​. With his life savings of several hundred dollars, he bought supplies, such as tables, chairs, and a range, and purchased the Poodle Dog, which he renamed the Dairy Restaurant. The restaurant served food and liquor and was advertised to include "Rooms for Ladies", a common euphemism for prostitution. By early 1898, Trump had made enough money to go to the Yukon for himself.
He bought all the necessary supplies, When Trump left for the Yukon, he "had no plans to mine himself. He likely travelled the White Pass route,​​ which included the notorious “Dead Horse trail”, so named because drivers whipped animals of transport until they literally dropped dead on the trail and were left to decompose. In the spring of 1898, Trump and another miner named ​Ernest Levin​ opened a tent restaurant along the trail. Blair wrote that "a frequent dish was fresh-slaughtered, quick-frozen horse. Despite the enormous financial success, Trump and Levin began fighting due to Levin’s drinking. In 1901, the local government announced suppression on prostitution, gambling and liquor, though the crackdown was delayed by business people until later that year. In light of this impending threat to his business operation, Trump sold his share of the restaurant to Levin and left the Yukon. In the months that followed, Levin was arrested for public drunkenness and sent to jail Trump returned to Kallstadt in 1901 as a wealthy man. "the business of seeing his customers’ need for food, drink and female companionship had been good to him. He quickly met and proposed to the neighbor's daughter, ​Elisabeth Christ​ (October 10, 1880 – June 6, 1966), who had been just 5 when he left. Trump’s mother disapproved of Christ because she saw Christ's family as being from a lower social standing.

Despite this, they married on August 26, 1902, and moved to New York City. Their daughter Elizabeth was born on April 30, 1904. Due to Elizabeth Sr.'s extreme homesickness, they returned to Germany later that year.​[​ In May 1904, when he applied in New York for a U.S. passport to travel with his wife and his daughter, he listed his profession as "hotelkeeper" In Germany, Trump deposited into a bank his life’s savings of 80,000 marks, equivalent ​to $505,248 in 2016​.

Soon after returning, Bavarian authorities determined that Trump had emigrated from Germany to avoid his military-service obligations, they found that he had violated the law that punished emigration to North America to avoid military service with the loss of German citizenship. For several months, he unsuccessfully petitioned the government to allow him to stay. He and his family finally returned to New York on June 30, 1905 Trump’s son ​Fred​ was born on October 11, 1905, in ​Queens​, New York. ​John G. Trump​, a professor at ​Massachusetts Institute of Technology​ from 1936 to 1973, was involved in radar research for the Allies in the ​Second World War​, and helped design X-ray machines that provided additional years of life to cancer patients; in 1943, the ​Federal Bureau of Investigation​ requested John Trump to examine ​Nikola Tesla​'s papers and equipment when Tesla died. Using his father’s heritance, Fred Trump and his mother Elizabeth founded ​Elizabeth Trump & Son
Donald Trump later renamed it ​The Trump Organization​ and served as its chairman and president.

Trump family portrait, 1915; from left to right: Fred, his father ​Frederick​, sister Elizabeth, mother ​Elizabeth Christ​, and brother ​John​.

Friedrich Trump​ (1869–1918), barber and restaurant and hotel manager, married ​Elisabeth Christ​, moved to the United States in 1885/1905

Elizabeth (Elisabeth) Trump (1904–1961), married William O. Walter William Trump Walter (born 1931)

John W. Walter (born 1934), referred to as the Trump "family historian"​ Frederick Christ Trump​ (1905–1999), real estate developer, married ​Mary MacLeod​ (1912–2000)

Maryanne Trump​ (born 1937), federal judge, married John Barry

David William Desmond Barry (born 1960), psychologist

Frederick Christ Trump, Jr. (1938–1981), married Linda Clapp ● Frederick Christ Trump III (born 1963)

Mary Trump Elizabeth Joan Trump, married James Walter Grau

Donald Trump​ (born 1946), married/divorced ​Ivana Zelníčková​; married/divorced ​Marla Maples​; married ​Melania Knauss Donald Trump Jr.​ (born 1977; of first marriage), married Vanessa Haydon

Ivanka Trump​ (born 1981; of first marriage), married ​Jared Kushner

Eric Trump​ (born 1984; of first marriage), married Lara Yunaska Tiffany Trump​ (born 1993; of second marriage)
Barron Trump​ (born 2006; of third marriage) Robert Trump, married ​Blaine Beard

John George Trump​ (1907–1985), married Elora Sauerbrun (1913–1983)

John Gordon Trump (1938–2012)

Born Frederick Christ Trump October 11, 1905 Queens, New York​, U.S. Died June 25, 1999 (aged 93) New Hyde Park, New York
Cause of death Pneumonia
Resting place Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Queens, New York
Occupation Founder (1920) of Elizabeth Trump & Son Co. Net worth $250–$300 ​million​ ​(1999)
Frederick​ Trump's father died when he was 13​ shortly after, he started his first job as a "horse's helper", carrying lumber to construction sites after school. Although both of Trump's parents were born in Germany, ​Trump told friends and acquaintances for decades after ​World War II​ that the family was of Swedish origin.​ According to his nephew John Walter, "He had a lot of Jewish tenants and it wasn't a good thing to be German in those days. Trump became a carpenter. In 1920, at age 15, Fred Trump went into the ​real estate development​ and construction business, forming ​Elizabeth Trump & Son​ with his mother ​Elizabeth Christ Trump​, who was an active partner. She signed the checks since he was under 21. With an $800 loan from his mother, he built his first house in Woodhaven in 1923 and sold it for $7,000.​[8]​ In 1927 when Fred was 22, E. Trump & Son was formally incorporated.​[13] In the late 1920s Trump began building single-family houses in ​Queens​, which were sold for $3,990 each. By the mid-1930s in the middle of the ​Great Depression​, he helped pioneer the concept of supermarkets with the Trump Market in Woodhaven, which advertised "Serve Yourself and Save!", becoming an instant hit. After only a year Trump sold it to the ​King Kullen​ supermarket chain. During World War II, Trump built barracks and garden apartments for ​U.S. Navy​ personnel near major ​shipyards​ along the East Coast, including ​Chester, Pennsylvania​, ​Newport News, Virginia​, and ​Norfolk, Virginia​. After the war he expanded into middle-income housing for the families of returning veterans, building Shore Haven in ​Bensonhurst​ in 1949, and Beach Haven near ​Coney Island​ in 1950 (a total of 2,700 apartments). In 1963–1964, he built ​Trump Village​, an apartment complex in ​Coney Island​, for US$70 million.​] Trump went on to build and operate ​affordable rental housing​ via large apartment complexes in New York City, including more than 27,000 low-income multifamily apartments and ​row houses​ in the neighborhoods of Coney Island, Bensonhurst, ​Sheepshead Bay​, ​Flatbush​, and ​Brighton Beach​ in ​Brooklyn​, and ​Flushing​ and ​Jamaica Estates​ in Queens. In 1936,

Trump married Scottish immigrant Mary Anne MacLeod (born May 10, 1912, ​Stornoway​, Scotland; died August 7, 2000, in New York. Her birthplace is on the Scottish island of ​Lewis and Harris​. In abject poverty, on May 2, 1930, she immigrated to the United States, leaving ​Glasgow​,; she arrived in New York one day after her 18th birthday.

The Trumps had five children:​Maryanne​ (born 1937), a federal appeals court judge; Frederick "Fred" Jr. (1938–81); Elizabeth (born 1942) ,an executive assistant at ​Chase Manhattan Bank​; ​Donald​ (born 1946), President-elect of the United States of America; and Robert (born 1948), president of his father's property management company. Fred, Jr. predeceased his father when he died of complications of ​alcoholism​ at age 42 in 1981 On October 31, 1991, 79-year-old Mary Trump was ​mugged​ and beaten near her home in Queens, New York. She sustained broken ribs, facial bruises, several fractures, a brain hemorrhage, and permanent damage to her sight and hearing. .A delivery truck driver named Lawrence Herbert
apprehended her 16-year-old assailant and ​Donald Trump​ rewarded Herbert with a check that kept him from losing his home to a foreclosure. Her husband Fred died at age 93 in June 1999. MacLeod died on August 7, 2000 at the age of 88 and was buried alongside her husband and son (Fred Jr.) .

Frederick​ ​Trump suffered from ​Alzheimer's disease​ for six years, where he died at age 93 Trump's estate was estimated by his family at $250 million to $300 million. With his wife, Frederick Trump supported the construction of the Trump Pavilion at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. Moreover, they donated buildings to the National Kidney Foundation of New York/New Jersey, the Community Mainstreaming Associates of Great Neck, and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation of New York and New Jersey​. Additionally, Trump made charitable contributions to the Hospital for Special Surgery and the ​Long Island Jewish Hospital​. He was a significant supporter of ​Israel bonds​. In the 1960s, he donated the land for building the Beach Haven Jewish Center in Flatbush, NY.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in ​Jamaica, Queens​, a neighborhood in New York City,​[4]​[5]​ the fourth of five children. He left the school at age 13 and was enrolled in the ​New York Military Academy​ in ​Cornwall, New York​, where he finished eighth grade and high school. In 1983, Fred Trump told an interviewer that Donald "was a pretty rough fellow when he was small. Trump participated in ​marching drills​, wore a uniform, and during his senior year attained the rank of captain. Trump attended ​Fordham University​ in ​the Bronx​ for two years, beginning in August 1964. He then transferred to the ​Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania​ in ​Philadelphia​, which offered one of the few ​real estate studies​ departments in United States academia at the time. While there, he worked at the family's company, Elizabeth Trump & Son, named for ​his paternal grandmother​. He graduated from Penn in May 1968 with a ​Bachelor of Science degree​ in economics Trump was not drafted during the ​Vietnam War​. Prior to graduating from college, Trump began his real estate career at his father, Fred Trump's company, Elizabeth Trump and Son, which focused on middle-class rental housing in the New York City ​boroughs​ of ​Brooklyn​, ​Queens​, and ​Staten Island​. During his ​undergraduate study​, Fred and Donald Trump used a $500,000 investment to successfully reopen the foreclosed Swifton Village apartment complex in ​Cincinnati​, Ohio. He was given control of the company in 1971 and, in one of his first acts, renamed it to The Trump Organization. He became the president of the organization in 1973. Trump and his siblings received equal portions of his father's estate valued at $250–300 million.
Trump's first big deal in Manhattan was the remodeling of the ​Grand Hyatt Hotel​ in 1978 next to ​Grand Central Terminal​ from an older Commodore Hotel, which was largely funded by a $70 million construction loan jointly guaranteed by Fred Trump and the Hyatt hotel chain In 1978, Trump finished negotiations to develop ​Trump Tower​, a 58-story, 202-meter (663-foot) skyscraper in ​Midtown Manhattan​, for which ​The New York Times
​ attributed his "persistence" and "skills as a negotiator". The building was completed in 1983, and houses both the primary ​penthouse​ ​condominium​ residence of Donald Trump and the headquarters of The Trump Organization. Trump Tower was the setting of the NBC television show ​The Apprentice
​ , including a fully functional television studio set. Trump has never filed for ​personal bankruptcy​, but hotel and casino businesses of his have been declared ​bankrupt​ six times between 1991 and 2009. The six bankruptcies were the result of over-leveraged hotel and casino businesses in Atlantic City and New York. In their 2016 annual billionaires' rankings, ​Forbes ​ estimated Trump's net worth at $4.5 billion,​ and ​Bloomberg ​ at $3 billion, making him one of the ​richest politicians in American history​. Trump himself stated that his net worth was over $10 billion, with the discrepancy essentially stemming from the uncertain value of appraised property and of his ​personal brand​. As of 2016, ​Forbes
​ ranked him the 113th wealthiest person in the U.S and the 324th wealthiest in the world.

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