dandorfman (dandorfman) wrote,

А у нас, все как обычно (UPDATE)

Уже поймали:

The suspect in a shooting at a shopping mall in Washington State which left five people dead has been arrested, according to authorities.

Police identified the gunman as 20-year-old Arcan Cetrin, a resident of Oak Harbor, which is located about 28 miles southwest of the Cascade Mall in Burlington, where the shooting happened on Friday night.

Cetrin entered the mall and opened fire at a make-up counter, killing four women instantly. A fifth victim, who was airlifted away from the mall, later died of his gunshot wounds, police said.

Если от литературы вернутся к нашим скорбным новостям, то описать их можно одним словом - "стреляют".

Нет вру, еще протестуют:

Значит двумя, стреляют и протестуют.

А этого, который стрелял, поймают конечно.

Его сейчас ловят в прямом эфире.

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