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Сегодня Огайо за Трампа

Удивительные результаты сегодняшнего опроса в Огайо. Это большой штат, он - один из ключевых. Трамп лидирует с преимуществом 5 процентов.
Всё может поменяться, в том числе и в Огайо. Но раньше Трамп именно в Огайо всё время отставал.

New poll: Clinton loses long-held Ohio lead, Trump up by 5 points

David Bossie rejects comparison on 'America's Newsroom'© FoxNews.com David Bossie rejects comparison on 'America's Newsroom'

A Bloomberg Politics poll released Wednesday shows Hillary Clinton losing her lead to Donald Trump in battleground Ohio, after a rough campaign stretch in which she faced criticism for demeaning Trump supporters as well as renewed speculation about her health.

The poll shows Trump, the Republican nominee, now leading 48-to-43 percent in a two-way Ohio race among likely voters.

The poll was taken from Friday to Sunday, during the rocky stretch that started with her saying half of Trump supporters were in a “basket of deplorables.” She then stumbled away from a 9/11 ceremony Sunday, with the campaign later releaving she has pneumonia -- which fueled speculation about the 68-year-old Clinton's health.


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